Smart folk.

on 11 March 2008

First, I feel the need to offer a public apology for the degeneration of the blog of late. I blame the flu...and other pregnancy related discomforts for the overall unintelligent commentary taking place recently.

For something stimulating, head over to Chantelle's site and check out what she has to say about education. It's thought provoking and smaht.

The Child isn't even born yet and people are already asking if we're going to put him in public or private school or if we'll home school like my sister. I feel like an idiot for saying (repeatedly), "I don't know." But that's the honest truth. We will do what is best for The Boy. If he's gifted, I don't want to hold him back by placing him in an inadequate school, or by attempting to educate him myself. I want him to reach his fullest potential. Because of that I don't want to commit myself to a course of action that may not be best for him. Similarly, if he's not gifted who am I to assume that I can teach him better than someone specifically educated and trained for that job?

What I want to say is this: Our house will always be a house of learning. It's what The Husband and I do...if we can be said to have a hobby it's learning--whether that's learning from books or from experimentation, it's what we do. The Child will always be encouraged to read, to experiment and to play. And as he grows and we're able to see more fully what he needs--then we'll make the decision about his education. I'm fully prepared to home school if I feel like that's what he needs. If anything I'm less prepared to entrust him to the public education system as it is now, but time will tell.


Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

Bravo! I think you have a good and balanced approach to educating The Child.

Plans, circumstances, resources, goals can change. Home school vs. public school vs. private school doesn't have to be an exclusive route (from someone who did home school in 6th and 8th grades). And decisions don't have to be made today.

Chantelle said...

I think that is the perfect attitude. Wait and assess the situation and the needs when you get there. You are smart folk indeed.