Half Way There...

on 17 February 2008

Yesterday when The Husband and I were up and puttering about the house he turns to me, raises his arms in the signal for a TOUCHDOWN and says, "Today is HALF WAY THROUGH THE PREGNANCY! WOOOHOOO!"

That says a lot about the kind of pregnancy this has been.

I know, I know, there are a lot of women who have GREAT pregnancies--they aren't sick, they aren't excessively hormonal or grumpy, they don't get cravings, they sleep like nobody's business, they have that gorgeous skin and hair and nails and everything.

I am not one of those women.

I haven't been sick--not morning sickness anyway, I catch every cold known to mankind. But I can't sleep and my hormones are making me...shall we say "grumpier" than normal for me. This is a situation not generally helped by my inability to sleep like a normal human being. My skin hasn't been awful but my hair is attempting a global coup unless I reign it in with a pony tail by the end of every day.

Aside from the physical discomforts, there's just something mentally disconcerting about this person, a whole human being, a stranger taking up temporary residence INSIDE MY BODY. I find myself bending or twisting in certain ways and my body's clear response of, "WON'T WON'T WON'T!" It's not normal...my body does what I tell it to do--what I want it to do and now it's taking orders from my uterus.

Disconcerting is putting it mildly.

All that said, we really are excited for our Boy. I know that in 5 months time when I look at his squalling, wrinkled up and bald little self it will all be worth it. The lack of sleep, the no cold meds, the ill fitting EVERYTHING, the odd appetite...he will make it worth it.

Let's just hope he likes me.


Sarah said...

You belly picture is now my background on my desktop. Yay. I'm now 40% of the way done. 50% sounds a lot better. Way to go. :)

~SH~ said...

He will like you. How could he not!? You did give him said residence for nine months, no? But totally all worth it when you hear that first little cry and see that crumpled little face. All that = LOVE for EVERYONE!

Sarah said...

Ha! Found you at The Creamery, btw. And I too am one of those people who didn't find pregnancy quite as miraculous as I expected to. More just uncomfortable. Take it from me, don't feel guilty about it. I wasted way too much time feeling sick AND feeling bad because I wasn't more Radiant and Perky and Blissful! "It is what it is" applies to pregnancy as well as birth!