Um. Hi.

on 24 March 2008

Well. It seems it's been a while since I updated.

Sorry about that.

As proof that I really have been very busy I will provide a list of things that I have accomplished since Tuesday--the day when I last updated.

  • Mostly finished 9 tables of data for one of the women I work with. It's a 3 month long project. I'm practically blind from staring at them.
  • Finished editing a dissertation for a doctoral candidate.
  • Finished Chaim Potok's The Chosen. Excellent book, I highly recommend it.
  • Started and finished Chaim Potok's The Promise. Not as good as the Chosen, but I still highly recommend it...I learned a LOT.
  • Watched an Ideal Husband with my ideal Husband. Hilarious!
  • Watched the Importance of Being Earnest with my ideal Husband. Also Hilarious! It was an Oscar Wilde filled weekend.
  • Watched the Business of Birth in America withOUT the ideal Husband as he knew it would depress him. (He's studying health policy and trying to make a difference and newsflash, people, our health care system is MESSED UP!) I found this documentary quite provocative. It was interesting but biased. And it has a rather ironic ending which cracked me up to no end. Go watch it! It's worth an hour and half of your time.
  • Hosted Easter dinner at Burnstopia for the first time EVER. It involved much planning and then much cooking in our tiny kitchen, much of it done by the Husband because he is a bit bossy in the kitchen. I mostly cooked vegetables for me, the token vegetarian, and spoke in soothing tones about how he needs to take a deep breath and calm down, it will all get done. It's such a novelty being the calm one that I have to post it on the internet!!!
  • Took 3 very important naps, one on Friday, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I count them as singular accomplishments.
  • Laundry laundry laundry.
  • Sewing. Yes. I know how to sew, but I treat it as a point of pride that I only know how to sew badly.
  • Cleaned Burnstopia. Well. The Husband does the bathroom because he thinks if I inhale the chemicals the Boy with have a 3rd eye or something...
  • Groceries. Apparently, and apple and a bowl of ice cream is not a sufficient dinner for The Boy. What? The apple was the healthy part. For HIM. I ate the ice cream, for ME.
  • Much laying around with the cats on top of me. The Agnes has figured out that when I lay on my side the Belly forms this lovely little shelf that is just Agnes sized. The Boy does not so much approve of this set up.
  • Looked at apartments. Yes. We're moving. So a few months ago when Whimsy was in New Flooring Hell, I was musing about pregnant women's need for home improvement projects and yucking it up with the Husband about how since we RENT that CAN'T be us! We're saved from ourselves by our lease agreement! And then we found out that our Evil Leasing Agency is raising our rent AGAIN and they only gave us 1 week to decide if we're staying or not and dude, seriously, the Husband and I are really good tenants, you don't treat good customers this we're FLEEING. And get this! I will be 8 months pregnant when we move. Because I am not CRAZY enough.
So as you can see, I have been preoccupied if not outright busy. Nevertheless I will try much harder this week to not forget about the BLOG, the Very Important Blog and my Equally Important Task of Entertaining all of you!


Emily said...

So... where are you moving to??