Reason Why I Love my Sister, #31332

on 13 March 2008

I live about 30 minutes from my sister. But I don't get to see her that much. She's very busy.

She's practically awesome in every way. She home schools her 4 kids and runs her house like a tight ship. She serves in church, she does whatever anyone asks of her, she's been to see my Grandma almost every day that she's been in the hospital or in rehab.** As I said, she's crazy busy. The kids are in art classes and two different swim clubs, to say nothing of their church and boy scout involvements. So when she's not at home she's in the car. Neither of us are phone talkers, she'd rather talk face to face and I love email. And since I know how busy she is, I rarely call, I hate to take up what little time she has.

She emailed me today to check on me. To ask if there's anything that she can do for me. I don't think I remember the last time my family called to check on me because I was sick. It's rather sweet and endearing. Half the time I feel like a less S* so it's really nice to know that they love me in spite of my deficiencies.

How awesome is my sister? I'm totally lucky I know her because she is for sure getting in to Heaven--maybe she could put in a good word for me.

**I haven't been once. I am a chicken. And once I garnered enough courage to go and see her, I got sick and then I couldn't go. I am a bad grand-daughter. I've accepted it and moved on.