The Breakfast Sandwich Bandwagon

on 23 November 2011

I'm a-joining the breakfast sandwich bandwagon.

I've been on an egg-kick with this particular pregnancy in a way that I have not known...oh, EVER.  But after a month straight of soft-boiled eggs for breakfast, I thought I might need a change.  And the nutritionist recommended english muffins since they're lower in carbohydrates than regular bread.  So I picked up some whole wheat ones and began scrambling the eggs and adding cheese to it.  And what do you know?  Delightful. 

The only problem is that after a week straight of those, I'm a little tired of it already.  So I'm looking for variations on the breakfast sandwich.  The eggs are going to be the base and it all has to fit on an english muffin.  But beyond that, I would like to solicit your suggestions.  The only limiting factor is that it can't add sugar or starch to the overall sandwich.

The really good news?  After one of these bad boys, my blood sugar is so normal it's like I was never diagnosed.  It's brilliant.  And according to the nutritionist, if I can start the day off with good blood sugar it's oh so much easier to maintain than if I start it off with high blood sugar.

And yes, I did try to explain that little girls were made of sugar and spice and everything nice and that THAT is the real reason why my blood sugar was ever so slightly elevated.  Alas, those medical professionals, always so quick to write off folklore, they did NOT believe me and gave me the glucometer anyway.


Brett said...

I love to saute vegetables such as spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions (in any combination) in olive oil with some salt and pepper, then when the vegetables are cooked, I add in my egg and cook it with the vegetables. Oh, tomatoes are also good like this. This, along with some buttered whole wheat toast, has become one of my favorite breakfasts. Good luck! And I'm glad you've found a positive way to start your day!

PS> I just had a sudden urge to call you. (At 9:14 MT.) I thought the better of it and decided to check your blog instead. :-) Love you! And I hope you had a good Thanksgiving! And, one more thing, I'm working on a little Christmas present for you right now. Yeah!

Cel and JP said...

Maybe some fish? can you do fish? not the canned stuff, like really good smoked something. Or, canadian bacon? Brett pretty much stole all my ideas, so I'm kind of floundering now :) Cooked brocoli is yummy. Kale... Swiss Chard... maybe an herbilicious one with lots of basil (terribly out of season) or some other fragrant leafy green. Can you have a teeny tiny bit of carbs? Because it would be super yummy to do a spin on Thanksgiving leftovers with egg, turkey and cranberries. I really feel for you. When I had the gestational diabetes, in moments of frustration, I was known to shoot whipped cream into my mouth. For whatever reason, it has just a teeny tiny bit of sugar, per mouthful, anyway :) You'll make it! love you!