Sewing Accomplished

on 28 October 2011


FINALLY!  I'm done.  Finished.  Long list of projects to sew--check!  and complete! 

The sewing machine and sewing box have been removed from my dining room table and restored to their proper place (in the very top of my closet).  Almost all of the fabric that I purchased for this incoming babalah has been made up into the projects it was designated for.  In all honesty, I still have some pretty-pretty flannel that I wanted to make into simple dresses for her to wear to church...but it's just going to have to wait.  I am at the end of my ever so proverbial rope with sewing.

And for all that, for all the time and frustration and sweat (I'm a nervous sweater) that went in to all of those projects, it doesn't feel like a big accomplishment.  And that's moderately depressing.  But for the record (sorry, no pictures), here's the list of what I've made up:

  • 24 super soft, super bright and fun flannel burp cloths
  • 6 colorful pacifier clips
  • 2 nursing covers (I couldn't decide between two fabrics, and since the pattern only called for 1 yard, I bought both) (also, I wanted to experiment with the tutorial, if I liked it and it was easy (it was NOT), then it was going to be my go-to baby shower gift.)
  • 21 super soft, teeny-tiny, fitted diapers.  Yes.  I made cloth diapers.  Because they retail for $11 EACH and I made 21 for about $40 total.
My Mom has (thankfully) made all of the swaddling blankets we'll need, and my amazing sisters are combining their CONSIDERABLE talents to sew (what I imagine to be) a GORGEOUS blessing dress for the Girl to wear.

Which leaves only the knitting projects left.  I've been knitting up woolie diaper covers (to go over the fitted diapers and then later over prefolds), once those are done (I'm working on the last 2), I'll move on to the hats/sweater/booties that I've picked out for her.  And in the middle of all of this, I'm also working on socks for Christmas for some of the people that I love. 

So what am I watching?  If you've been reading, you know that I prefer to knit to the soothing sounds of television.  Last Christmas, Chris' socks were completed while I watched Ken Burns' The War.  This year, I'm knitting to Law & Order.  Netflix has the first 8 seasons available for streaming and since I LOVE it, that's what I'm watching.  I didn't start watching it on television until after I had graduated from high school, so these really early seasons are a bit of a trip.  A trip BACK IN TIME!  No computers!  No cell phones!  They use  PAY PHONES, people, in NEW YORK CITY!  ew.  But I digress.

The diaper covers, again, retail for about $20 EACH and I've made 5 so far for less than $12.  Aaaaaaaand this is why I make stuff.  The pattern was FREE and it's incredibly easy, I've bought about 3 balls of wool--2 of which were on clearance for $3--and the rest I made out of a lovely neutral wool that I had in my stash from last January when I stocked up on wool yarn that was on sale as part of their annual inventory clean out.  So for the price of some lanolin, I'll have 8 diaper covers in 2 sizes that should last this little girl until she grows into our bumgenius.  But...if they work as well as I'm anticipating, we may just stick with the prefolds and wool covers for her.

And this is where I admit that I'm almost, almost looking forward to the postpartum period with a newborn to nurse and nothing else to work on.  With the Boy, I literally just watched BBC miniseries and stared into space while I nursed him, rocked him and mopped up spit-up.  After this marathon of making stuff, that sounds about like a vacation.


Rae said...

woohoo! Good for you. I big time wish I could use wool without turning into a sniffling, puffy-eyed blotchy mess. Lucky lady.

We've barely started with the homemade Christmas gifts.... going to be a long road.

Sibley Saga .... said...

Woa. You rock. That's a lot of sewing. I loathe sewing as well but am forcing myself to try and get better. Do share where you got the free diaper pattern! Now, what is left on your baby wish list that you would 'like'? What can your far away friends get for you and baby Eliza?

RT and M said...

I'm interested to hear how the wool covers work out! I've heard about them but never really looked into it.

Brett said...

YOU GO GIRL. I need to go crawl under a rock and hide, I feel so ashamed. I'll be able to do some real sewing one of these days.... I hope...

And, we may have already talked about this, but do you watch Psych? First 5 seasons are on Netflix instant and I LOVE it. If you haven't seen it yet, you MUST check it out.

Cel and JP said...

Wow. Woman. You amaze me. Never in a million years would I have been able to sit at a sewing machine for five minutes with 10 weeks to go, let alone complete the list of projects you did. Rock on.

Mirish said...

You amaze me!!! You ROCK!! You are a wonderful mum! Yeah am going to say it again - YOU ROCK!!!