Baking FAIL: the Mother's Day Edition

on 08 May 2011

I think I'm about to throw in the towel.

I quit.

I give up.

I surrender.

My sweet sister requested her favorite chocolate cake for Mother's Day dinner.  So I got up bright and early (ok, not that early) to bake one fresh before church.

Chris lovingly reminded me not to be in a hurry because I always make mistakes when I hurry.  And I really wasn't in a hurry.  It was a nice, leisurely morning. 

Please bear in mind that I've made this particular cake 40 bajillion times.  It's a family favorite so I make it for everything.

Aaaaaaaaand this morning?  Bad.  Bad. Bad. Bad.

I forgot the baking soda, people!  The baking soda!  Do you know what this cake was like?  It was chocolate LEATHER!  It didn't rise AT ALL.  And the worst part is, I didn't even notice until Chris pointed it out!  It's like I took my brain out to go to bed and forgot where I put it!

Seriously, I quit.


The Mom said...

No Quitting!!! The cake was wonderful and I am enjoying a piece with a cold glass of milk as I catch up on blogs tonight. I love you dear sister of mine and one of my favorite "mothers"!!!!