on 13 April 2011

Is it too early to start planning for Christmas?

I ask because in my head I was thinking of a few knitted gifts I want to give this year and knitting takes a long time, at least for me, for I am SLOW.

So I was starting to plan out in my head which gifts I wanted to make and give...and it occured to me that it was only April and maybe a tiny bit early to be thinking about Christmas.

So in true, indecisive fashion, I'm taking a poll...too soon?


Sibley Saga .... said...

I say it isn't too soon. With life as a mother you will definitely have a thousand little interruptions or have to put them aside for other temporary project that need immediate attention. That way if you start now, you will get them done and not have that hanging over your head during the holiday madness.

Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

If you're talking about hand-made things, January isn't even too soon. If you're talking decorations and Christmas music, I nix those until after Thanksgiving.

Brett said...

Nope! Go ahead and knit away. That way you can enjoy the process instead of staying up until all hours of the night cursing the people you used to love because it means having to create yet another present, like someone else I know. ;-)

Cel and JP said...

go for it! the earlier I get crackin' on my holiday planning, the more I'm able to enjoy the actual holiday season.