FAIL: Baking Edition

on 25 April 2011

The Boy and I were sick all last week.  Sick sick sick.  So sick, I was thinking of begging off for Easter at my parent's house.  But then!  I woke up on Saturday feeling like the worst was over, and it would be so fun to see the Boy at Nana and Popper's for Easter, and then I could lay on the couch and let people take care of me!  But then, I also felt like I should bring something for the dinner.  I hadn't grocery shopped all week so the choices were limited.  I decided to make a chocolate cake since my Grandma would be bringing a berry pie, and you know, I make a decent chocolate cake.

Or so I thought.

This dark picture, I call FAIL: part 1 of 2.  This was the first layer, that STUCK.

This picture is FAIL: part 2 of 2--this layer FELL.

And yes, I greased the pans, and yes, I baked it as long as it said to do and cooled it as it said to do, and tip-toed around the apartment and still!  A double failure out of ONE cake, it's such a slap in the face. 

So, for those of you wondering what one does with such an insult of a chocolate cake?

Let your child hack it apart with a fork and shake your finger at the cake saying, "That'll teach you to fail on my watch!"

Note:  Your child will LOVE this exercise.


Brett said...

Glad you're better from being sick and I'm glad that Cameron had fun with the naughty cake. Cute pictures!!

I was just thinking of you as I read a friend's blog, who happens to be living in Russia at the moment and they just celebrated Maslenitsa. You know what that is, right?

Also thinking of you 'cause we just read Donut Chef and it was so cute! Thanks for the recommendation.

Sorry for the long comment. Too lazy to put all of this in an email.

Cel and JP said...

this is why I don't bake. you never fail. you always succeed. beyond success. blue berry muffins - success! amazing cinnamon rolls - succses! pizza dough from HEAVEN - success! and if you can fail, I shouldn't even try. I might burn the house down. or give my entire family food poisoning.