Easter Morning Treats

on 27 April 2011

My Sister Susie, is Supremely Creative.  She's always making things with her kids, for they have inherited her creativity en forme.  This year, she made paper mache Easter eggs filled with all kinds of Easter goodies.  And she sent some out for us East-coast cousins.  The Boy was over the moon at the thought of cracking in to this egg.

The little red things are Lightening McQueen's that were fillable with treats.  He got all the healthy stuff that only a mother would give her child for Easter.  But he loved them nonetheless.  And not the less because I let him eat M&Ms after he ate some breakfast.

This is the "Mom!  I want to open in this one."

I suggested that he shake it first.  
Which he did, but it only served to make him a little crazy in his zeal to get it open.

Trying to crack the egg from above.

Chris' idea was to lay it flat to crack it open.

(As it turned out, it was a tougher shell to crack than I had anticipated, so we had to help him out.)

Only my Sister would think to add a Thomas the Tank Engine pez dispenser to an Easter egg.  We all cracked up laughing at that one.  And the Boy hasn't put it down since.

"Such a superfluity of delights, one hardly can help overindulgence."


Sibley Saga .... said...

That's just adorable! I look forward to seeing such hilarious expressions of enthusiasm on London's face someday, too.