The Year Seven

on 01 May 2011

Seven years ago today...

I spent Easter with my parents and I remarked to my Dad that I could sort of understand how people could believe in past lives.  After all, when you've changed so much from who you used to be, it seems almost impossible that it could all be the same person.  We were talking about something totally different, but as I thought about it later on, I realized that marriage is a lot like that.

I've said it before and I'll probably keep saying it because it continues to befuddle me...that so much time has passed, and yet so little.  Could be 7 years...might be 7 days...maybe it was 7 decades...or 7 seconds.

Whatever it's been, it is a truth old and long proven.  I love this man much more than the day I married him.  That day it was a vague inclination of hey, he might not be so bad...let's see how this goes.  Now it's a love deep and strong.  And who knows how much bigger it will have grown in 7 centuries...or 7 minutes.

(He still cracks me up.  That's a good sign, right?)


Sibley Saga .... said...

Awwww, I just LOVE YOU GUYS! That was such a great day! I was so glad to be there. I'm so glad he makes you happy and that right there makes ME happy. Happy Anniversary you lovely people!

The Mom said...

Happy Anniversary!!! We love you both!!!

Cel and JP said...

Happy 7th!!! Here's to 700 billion more :)