on 07 April 2011

I'm interrupting Picture Week to ask a very serious question.

See, the Boy is heading to the doctor tomorrow to catch up on some missed vaccines and just for an overall check up.  And as part of establishing him again at this particular practice, I had to fill out a 24 month evaluation on line.

Most of it was a piece of cake, the Boy is just grand...and most of my concerns, are, well--my concerns.  But it begs the question:

How is one supposed to be objective about one's own child?  As his mother, I've seen him do most of the things they asked about (line up objects in a row, shake an object out of a container, climb, run, walk, etc), but then they ask if I feel like he's like other children his age.  Well, no.  I don't.   Dude.  I'm his MAMA.   Of course, I think he's brilliant and sweeter and more obedient and just nicer than most other children.

So I ask again, how is one supposed to be objective about one's own child?


The Mom said...

You're NOT!!!! That is the reason God gave children mothers. Everyone in this world needs at least one other person in this world who thinks that they are "Smarter, sweeter and more obedient" than any other kid!! Thank heavens for my wonderful mother who still thinks I am all of the above - I will love her forever for it!!!

Cel and JP said...

Amen. And Amen. That's exactly what I was going to say. It would be sad any other way. But, might I add, you're also very good at identifying and diagnosing areas of improvement and catching things before they get out of hand. Sometimes I think objectivity can be confused with turning a blind eye. You aren't doing that at all.