More Cowbell

on 05 April 2011

One warm day in February, Chris and I took the Boy to walk through the Life and Science museum...mostly just to be outside and soak up the weak sunshine.  But they had a whole little outdoor area of, for lack of better description, noise attractions for children.  Pots and pans and drums and bells of all shapes and sizes with 6 inch long sticks just perfect for little hands to hold and bang with.  Needless to say, it was loud and the Boy?  He loved it.

But there was one area that left Chris and I cracking up laughing...for it was rather reminiscent of a sketch from Saturday Night Live...I thought I would embed the original but I can't find a decent one on you'll just have to search yourself.  Just know:  it's funny.


Cel and JP said...

It's not only funny, it's hilarious. Did you know Will Ferrel wrote that sketch?