This Mothering Gig

on 30 March 2011

I was sitting at my desk working intermittently on family finances (paying bills and updating our spreadsheets) and reading news on the web (it's all pretty depressing, I actually had a nightmare about Gadhafi the other day).

There's an extra chair that sits opposite my chair at my desk, it's partly blocking the Boy from breaking in to our filing cabinet and partly a repository for jackets and purse.  Anyway, that's where the Boy was sitting and playing with 2 cars and a plastic strawberry (don't ask, it makes perfect sense in his head).

Anyway, I was making diligent progress through my To Do list when all of sudden the plastic strawberry shoots across my desk and hits me right in the middle of my chest.  I look at the Boy who looks at me with this surprised look on his face and then says, "King sat on strawberry!" (the King from the movie Cars.)  At which point I just had to laugh and shake my head and say,

"You know, these are the kinds of things that never used to happen at my old job."


Cel and JP said...

I had that exact same thought when I was cleaning up a crazy disgusting diaper. Luckily, aforementioned diaper did not hit me right in the middle of my chest. :)