the Beat Goes on

on 24 March 2011

The week has gotten a little bit better.  A very leeeeetle bit.

I'm spring cleaning.  It means massive reorganization.  See, when we moved in, everything was up in the air.  We didn't know when or where Chris was going to get a job and so I was reluctant to settle too much.  I unpacked and put things where'er I could find some space to put them.  Of course, now that means that since we know that we'll be here for a good long bit, I can reorganize and put things the way that I want them.  Also, I packed in such haste in Georgia, that I didn't clean out appropriately.  So I've been cleaning out and shifting things around.

The kitchen is the big project.  I want to do some canning this summer and I want to do it in a decent space, not abject chaos.  As of today, the project is approximately 1/3rd of the way done.  I need to get a few more canister jars, and then I need to build some shelves.

Yesterday was the laundry closet and our bedroom closet.  The laundry is done, our bedroom closet is very much NOT done.  But what's left is relatively small.

In the midst of all of this, I have been sewing like a mad woman.  My sewing machine has taken to loitering on my dining room table and I want it to clear off...but it doesn't make sense to ask it to clear off until it's done it's work.  Of course, that means that I need to buckle down.  So yesterday I sat and pieced summer skirts together.  Today I have to settle down and get the zippers and waistbands in.  Then all that's left are the hems.

I've also been knitting like a crazy fool.  I finished an adorable creamy wool sweater/hat set for my brother's new babalah due in June.  I made it bigger for the cold Maryland winter ahead.  And I started a similar set (but in rich, dark navy blue) for my sister in law on the Christopher side (baby boy, also due in June, but heading out to Utah for Christmas).

And because I have a death wish, I went back to working out this week.  We've been traveling or working or doing a bazillion other things for the past couple of weeks, so this was the week I decided to throw myself off the edge of my sanity and start working out again.  Also, my jeans were getting tight.  It turns out, you can't actually eat ice cream and sit knitting or sewing quite a bit without some sort of retribution.  Frankly, it sucks.  But I'm sure someone as crazy as myself will say that I'll be healthier in the long run for exercising.

In other news, Chris likes his job.  He likes the people he works with, he likes that he walks in, works 8 hours and leaves the work there to come home.  We both like that we have health insurance.  The Boy is adorable as ever.  I made an appointment with his pediatrician to get him caught up on his vaccinations.  As soon as I made the appointment, my heart sank.  I remembered everything I loathed about shots, the alcohol smell, the tension in my boy, then the shock on his face and the pitiful wail.  I hate that.  But you know what I would hate more?  Having to sit over his hospital bed while he's terribly sick.  So we grit our teeth and take the shots.

And since I feel like I'm out of blogging shape as well as physical shape, tell me how you are doing?


Sibley Saga .... said...

I'm getting ready for canning, too. I tried my first batch of strawberry preserves last week. Not real impressive. Turned out more like chunky strawberry syrup. I suppose we'll have some fruity good stuff for pancakes now. I'm hoping to be able to can loads of tomatoes, and spaghetti sauce. And in the fall, I'll can green chile. I've already done all my beans for the next 6 months. I love having pintos, black beans, and navybeans all set to go. The problem for me is having to drive an hour to get the produce. Anyway-those are some of my plans.

Katrina said...

I wish you could teach me how to can. I've never done it.

We've just spent the entire month of March being sick I think. I am so ready for clear noses and eyes and warm weather. It snowed here today!

Cel and JP said...

canning. duh! strawberries are super cheap right now. I need to jump on that before it gets to be summer and I'm barely keeping up with the stuff flying out of the garden (I hope, I hope, I hope!) and I'm way impressed with you - puttin' in zippers and waistbands like a pro! way to be!

Brett said...

Believe it or not, I'm totally jealous. I need to do lots of the same things for some of the same and some different reasons, but I feel no sense of urgency. I'm pretty inefficient when I don't feel urgency. Maybe I'll be efficient for the next 30 minutes until I need to go Cat, if the little ones will just stay asleep...