Picture Week!

on 04 April 2011


Remember February?  It was so long ago...and it passed in a blur.  And I was lamenting to my Mom a couple of weeks ago that I didn't remember making any pictures of my Boy for the whole month.  A whole MONTH with no cuteness documented AT ALL!  Woe!  How could I have fallen so slack on my job?!

Well, I got the camera out the other day because the Boy was up to his usual cuteness and I wanted to document it and I got to sorting through the pictures still on the camera and lo, I HAD taken pictures in February, I just haven't had a chance to move them over until now...

So for this week, I'm catching you up on all the cuteness that's been filling Burnstopia of late...I hope you enjoy.

My Boy, baking up something delicious and CUTE.  (circa February 2011)