on 21 March 2011

Do you ever have those days that you're really excited about?  Your To Do list isn't that long, it's all stuff you routinely do, and for the first time in weeks your schedule isn't jam-packed?   And then you actually set to work and you fumble every pass, you drop the ball, you miss your shots and you find yourself wondering what the heck happened?

I'm having one of those days.

I'm making bread and it's fine, but the Boy (who has been spoiled over the past few weeks with an abundance of family and no need whatsoever to entertain himself) wants to be held constantly, does NOT want to play with his toys, is whining whining whining (and he's not normally a whiney kid), and I've got laundry going as well...but it's not...well, I'm usually more efficient than this. 

I feel frazzled and unfocused.  And I know.  It's March, I spend most of every March feeling frazzled and unfocused, WEEK!  My lovely wide-open-calm week!  I have every intention of being productive!  Of getting stuff done!  Of sewing and knitting and cleaning and reorganizing things--the business of really settling in to the apartment. 

I'm looking at all the things I want to get done this week and, well, today is starting to feel like a bad omen.


Sibley Saga .... said...

I can COMPLETELY agree! I'm feeling the same way! And I wish I knew what the trick was to switch my kiddo from "needy whiney mode" to "happily playing on her own mode". She switches back and forth on my all the time at the most inconvenient times.

Cel and JP said...

hmm.. I had a very similar day. Only I can't blame the girls. I was just lazy :) Hope tomorrow is better!