Send help...also tissues

on 15 November 2010

So I managed to set up my project table on's not currently visible underneath all the crap on top of it...

And that stuff is still on top of it because we are ALL sick.

The Boy started late last week with a nose that could not breathe but did have the amazing ability to spout BUBBLES.  He had a rough night Thursday night followed by a rough day Friday but then he seemed to perk up on Saturday, which was convenient because Saturday was when Chris started coming down with it.

(Incidentally, the Boy no longer says BE-GOK-COPTER for helicopter.  He says the much less endearing HEP-I-COPTER and that makes me sad.)

Anyway, we all stayed home from Church yesterday because the men folk were too sick to inflict on others, but I was still fine so I fervently prayed that I might make it out unscathed.

You know, I firmly believe that we have a God of miracles, but that doesn't mean He can protect me from my child who thinks that every cup is a common cup of water and everyone else's food is fair game.  So being sick is the price I pay for indulging my child and his constant requests for BITES!

And you know, as I was sneezing sneezing sneezing and blowing blowing blowing last night and Chris was apologizing for me being sick, I looked at him and said, "It's worth it.  If the choice is have a kid and get sick or not have a kid and still get sick, I'd rather have the kid."

I still managed to start 1 of 3 baby hats I'm making up for friends.  I love doing baby hats, so they're so tiny and fast and soft and just so adorable.  I know they won't fit the babies long (and not at all if they come out with ginormous heads like we have in our family), but for the moment, they're so tiny and sweet that I'm thoroughly enjoying the process of working on them.

And on that note, I'm taking my sinuses and going to have a long, hot steam.  Happy Monday, y'all.