I beg to differ...

on 22 October 2010

I told Chris what I was going to blog about and he insisted that I not.  Surely, our lives have not come to the point where we have to blog about poop.

But I have to share the conversation I just overheard and since it's poop related...I have to differ from my husband--our lives have precisely come to this point.

Upon Smelling Something Foul Emanating from my Son's Diaper:

M: Pew!  You need a change!
M:  C'mon, let's go get you out of that nastiness.

Upon Removing Befouled Diaper from my Son's Nether Regions:

M:  Holy COW!  Kid!  It's half your size!
M:  Yep, it stinks.
Chris:  Oh good grief!  Son, you just gave BIRTH!  That's HUGE!

After the Boy has been newly diapered and is trotting away:

Chris:  I had no idea we would be grandparents so young.  It's a 2 pound poop baby.
M:  Chris, I changed him, you get to unclog the toilet!

30 minutes later, after picking up our freshly smelling child:

Chris:  You're five pounds lighter, son! 

And that about sums up the week that was.  For all it's exhaustion, it's also marked the return of humor to Burnstopia.  Chris and I are doing more laughing together which is nice after the gloom-fest that was Brunswick.  We were supposed to go to a church sponsored Fall Festival this evening but we're begging off and staying home.  We're having waffles for dinner and putting the Boy to bed early.  There will be Battlestar Galactica and open windows with cool crisp air.  There will be fresh cookies and cold milk.  There will be cuddling on the futon under flannel blankets. 

What are your plans for the weekend?


Sarah said...

Thanks for the laugh. And thanks for blogging about poop. :) Our weekend includes waffles too!!! I LOVE breakfast for dinner. I don't love cleaning up after it though, oh well. Our weekend also includes getting pumpkins. At least, that's the plan.

Sibley Saga .... said...

Hahahahaha! I have LOADS of poop stories from my nieces and nephews. It's only a matter of time before London gives me some.

I'm just praying none of them are remotely related to anything resembling a projectile story. I've seen it before.

I'm just sayin'.

Cel and JP said...

Isn't it crazy what their little bodies can do???

And your weekend sounds lovely. I'm looking forward to having our windows open again. It's supposed to cool down this weekend ...