A mash-up

on 06 October 2010

Chris found this amazing DJ who creates these mash-ups of different songs and videos.  You'll find his work here.

It's more entertaining than this post will be!  For the record I really like the Annie Lennox Why mash-up but the U2 one is very very good as well.

Hereafter lies your Totally Random Update also known as an M Shaped Mash-Up:

  • First week of work was ok.  Not too bad.  I'm out of practice, but it's like muscle memory, it's coming back.
  • The Boy does NOT like the working.  He and Chris give me a ride in to work since I don't have a parking sticker yet.  We get close and he starts to chant, "MamaWork.  MamaWork.  MamaWork." And then they come back and pick me up 4 hours later.  He and I have lunch together and then I put him down for his nap.  Normally, we have a 15 minute cuddle in the rocking chair and then I lay him in his crib.  Basically from day one, he's cut me off from the cuddling.  He sulks and turns his back on me and asks to be put in his crib.  So I do.  And last week I spent several days in tears because of it.  I'm over it by now, but it was a hard week.
  • I realized that my problem is that I want to be loved.  Loved by my child but also loved by basically everyone I come into contact with.  Which wouldn't be a problem except that not every one is going to love me.  It's just not possible.  And it turns out, after the experiences of last weekend that I'm right.  It's not possible for everyone to love me.  I was mad for about 30 minutes but now I'm over it.
  • I made 2 loaves of bread this weekend.  A big fat loaf of cinnamon-raisin bread for my men folk and a loaf of plain cinnamon bread for me.  I ate cinnamon toast all weekend and let me just tell you, I have big plans for mind-blowing french toast by the end of this week.
  • Chris and I finally hung up pictures in our bed room.  I'm so happy it's a little pathetic.  
  • I've been working on knitting these luxurious wash cloths (for ME).  They are thick and soft and simple and 100% cotton and very pretty.  My fingers are killing me.  
  • My feet are cold.  My feet haven't been cold since last February and it's wonderful!  I know.  Am weird.  It's ok, I've accepted that fact and moved on.
  • The Boy spent the bulk of Saturday sprawled across my lap.  Just because he could.  I'm pretty sure he was laying on my lap so that I couldn't get up and go anywhere.  It was awesome.
  • Chris was offered the job from the interview last week.  He turned them down.  It's not the right offer at the right time.  I know it sounds like we're being picky, and we are because what we need right now is to prove stability.  What we DON'T need is another time-limited job on his resume.  So now we're waiting.  Well, and we're applying for more jobs.  He had a decent conversation with one of the hiring people at another organization last Friday, and hopefully that will yield an in-person interview this week.  
  • I finished the Gift of Asher Lev last week.  I cried.  Again.  But this time around it was less sad and more angry...He's a bigger man than me, is that fictional Asher Lev.  But it's still SO very good.  I heartily recommend it for anyone.
  • I started Silas Marner this week.  I've never read it before.  I love George Eliot and I defy anyone to read Middlemarch and NOT love George Elliot.  So it should be fun/interesting to experience a different work.
And with that, you have now been thoroughly updated.


Cel and JP said...

I would've cried all week, too. You're a strong lady. Sure do miss you :)