This Space Intentionally Left Blank

on 20 October 2010


Remember back in June or July when I said I was going back to posting on a regular basis?  That was nice, huh?


I'm bone dry on stories right now.  I'm tired.  I'm frazzled.  I'm feeling a little like Jo in Little Women when she finds out that Amy is going to Europe with Aunt March instead of her and she goes a-ranting to Marmie and among other things says, "Why wouldn't Aunt March prefer Amy?  I'm ugly and awkward, I always say the wrong thing!"

I found this great blog called Dinner a Love Story and it's inspired me...I'm trying to plan and cook and keep myself accountable for putting a decent dinner on the table 5 or 6 nights a week.  And between that and well, everything else that I'm working on, I just don't have a whole lot of energy for the blog.  And then there's trying to come up with something intelligent to say and that's a WHOLE lot of energy that doesn't always come so easily.

So I'm going to post a few pics of my favorite little boy and otherwise I might lay low for a while.  There's nothing wrong, there's just nothing going on much either.  Believe me, when something happens (like Chris getting a job) I'll let you know.  Until then, I'm going to be trying some new recipes (Pioneer Woman's corn chowder this week) and trying to work on some projects that have languished.  I might even post some pictures of the success stories.

I spent Sunday evening watching some Band of Brothers and knitting socks for my boy.  I love it.  I know, it's bloody and gory and the language is sometimes questionable, but I love it all the same.  I love their sense of duty, they had a job to do and they did it.  They were often cold, hungry, wounded, sick, scared, lonely, and totally dependent on one another.  And sometimes they complained, but mostly they just did the job they had to do.  I suppose I need that reminder, that life is life, you can't think about it too much.  You just do the work in front of you and try to help those around you.  Keep your head down and hang tough. 


Sibley Saga .... said...

I've never seen Band of Brothers but I've read the book it was based on. I have always had an admiration for that whole generation that had to deal with WWII. My great uncle Ralph was a Bataan Death March and Japanese POW survivor. I thought when I met him that he might look like a 7 ft tall glorious hero but he was just a simple skinny little cowboy from west Texas. He was just doing his job as you say.

Rae said...

I would love to see your success stories. Fall makes me want to cook- to put on some winter weight, I guess. :)

Now to put my head down and do the dishes. Thanks for the reminder.