System Down

on 11 October 2010


I turned off my computer on Friday and didn't turn it back on all weekend long.

I've been in this restless funk where I feel like I never seem to have enough time to do everything that I need to do.

(And for those of you who think, "Duh, M.  That's called LIFE."  I would just like to say that I'm generally good at prioritizing and getting everything done that I need to get done...and even time to do a few things that I only want to do and don't need to do.  So this whole time-shortage thing is a little new and unsettling development.)

Anyway, so I thought about the elements of my life that seem to suck a lot of time and the computer was number one on the Friday I shut it down.

I even went so far as to turn my phone off...I didn't keep it off because then I felt guilty about being so unreachable.  But, that's a whole different kettle of fish.

Anyway, it was nice.  I had whole buckets of time.  I did some picking up and putting away and reorganizing. 

(I'm getting serious about our food storage and coming up with a Burnstopia Emergency Plan--what our family will do in case of an emergency...I know, I'm a little late coming to the party on this one, I should have come up with something before the Boy got here, but you know...better late than never.) 

And I realized something about marriage and men and women in general.

(Also, there are a whole lot of parentheses in this post.  I wonder what that says about me...)

Men and Women just see things totally different.  I'm speaking specifically about a living situation.  Chris' tolerance for clutter and mess is a lot higher than mine and the truth is, it's not that he's lazy and doesn't want to put things away, he just doesn't SEE them the way that I do.  So I spent a good part of Saturday morning just putting crap away or throwing things out or shuffling things around so that they fit better.  And I have to tell you, when Chris gets a job and I get to quit mine, I'm going to d a whole lot MORE of that because I saw all kinds of things I could FIX.

Anyway, so then I worked on some socks for the boy and I've got 2 separate pairs started and almost ready for heels.  I was able to do some odds-and-ends shopping for Chris and the Boy.  We were taking care of Hogan Dog so we went for some good family walks and played with Hogan and laughed at the Boy and the Dog and it was all lovely.  I got caught up on bills and our finances organized.  And Chris and I still had time for a little BSG fest.

All told it was a good weekend.  Which is more than I can say for this post.