I am the Master...

on 17 November 2010

...at starting things, getting half way through and then ripping out everything I've done in order to start over.

Remember that lovely list of projects I had?  Remember how I was part way through with most of them? 


I ripped back the sock.  I have a nicely wound ball of yarn now.  In fact I have TWO because I ripped back both socks.  I wasn't happy with how I started to work the decreases and my goal is socks that are...NICE.  Wearable.  Not...homemade and poorly executed.

I guess it's not entirely true since I haven't ripped back Chris' sweater vest.  But then, I haven't knitted on it in a while either.  I did manage to set up my sewing machine in preparation for a big sewing fest.  This is how I get stuff done.  I'm the world's WORST multi-tasker so I don't even try any more.  I focus all of my attention (or as much as I have to spare) on one thing and make a highly concentrated effort and in the end I do a better job on the one thing at a time than I would have done if I had tried to do more than one thing at once.

Incidentally, I'm home this week and it's NICE.

Except everyone's sick.  The Boy got it first and he graciously passed it on to Chris who then lovingly passed it on to me.  What can I say?  We, here at Burnstopia, believe in sharing.