Help! and Hmmmm.

on 27 September 2010

I'm not sure where he got it from, but apparently there is a book that we read to the Boy where one of the characters cries for HELP and then says, "Hmmmm."  It's the Boy's favorite catchphrase lately and I find it particularly appropriate today.

I am back in the office today.  Well, this morning.

Chris will be bringing the Boy to me at noon, at which point he will trot off to an interview at the hospital and I will take the Boy home for lunch and a nap.

It promises to be a strange day.

We're excited.  Within reason.  The position is a project manager.  And it's a literal project manager which means it's temporary and also only part-time.  BUT, and this is a hefty but it means working with the hospital Chief of Staff and the heads of ALL the medical departments.  Those are all good people to know.  They are all good people to work with and for and to impress. 

Chris has another interview tentatively slated for a week from now with another organization.

So here's my question for you:  If you had two opportunities, 1) with an organization you know and love and trust, in an area you really love, but it was only part-time and temporary--would you take it with the hope and faith that something full-time and permanent would come of it? Or 2) an opportunity with an organization you know very little of, but full time and permanent, but likely requiring relocation in a year--what would you choose?

I feel like it's a choice of short-term or long-term.  I think the short-term would be benefited by taking the full-time permanent job.  It would give us an immediate reprieve, health insurance etc.  But I'm not sure it would help Chris' career in the long-term.  And I, for one, don't really want to move again in a year.  I think the part-time job has more potential to become a foot in the door in a really great organization and give us the opportunity to really settle here for a while.  But there's no guarantee.  And this is all, you know, putting the cart before the horse so to speak.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, it's a bit of a strange day.  With a good chance of strangeness all week long!  Fun for you fine folks, eh?


Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

I'm sending happy back at work and good luck interviewing thoughts your way this morning.

The choice between the two opportunities is a tough one. Hopefully you'll have the option of making a choice and have gotten some more information about both options between now and then.

Cel and JP said...

me? I'd probably opt for option one as well, but then again, I'm known to stay within the confines of the comfort zone. p.s. ask me sometime about my new calling in church. speaking of comfort zones....argh

Brett said...

Yeah, I'd probably lean toward #1, but only you and Chris and the Lord can know what the right decision is. Here's hoping you get to MAKE that decision! And I can't wait to hear how work was!!