Welcome to Wherever you Are

on 01 October 2010

I fully confess to being a West Wing fan.  I love it.  I've been watching the series from beginning to end lately while I clean or knit or do dishes or relax in the evening after the Boy is in bed.

There's an episode in season 7 titled Welcome to Wherever you Are.  The implications are that things are so frantic the last 10 days of the campaign that they don't really KNOW where they are.

It's been such a crazy summer and it's all winding down to a sleepy fall.  It's been sort of a weird adjustment.  You get used to going 90 miles an hour with your hair on fire and keeping up with all kinds of personal, work, familial, church and fun obligations that when it all stops you feel like you've hit a wall and it takes some time to re-orient yourself to having, well, time.

Chris and I find ourselves feeling a little blue.  It was a really good summer, chock full of family time and adventures and crazy hair-brained schemes.  And now we're settling down to real life again.  It's nice too, but different. 

Normally, I would make a plan.  I would pick some new projects, new books, make new goals etc.  And then get to work.  I'm reticent to make a plan just yet since nothing is settled.  I keep telling myself.  Maybe next week.  Maybe we'll know more next week.  And in the meantime, nothing much gets done.  It is a very strange little funk I have arrived in.

Given the current fluidity of my life, you have to be a little impressed I managed to post this week, right?  Or maybe not.


Cel and JP said...

A very close friend of mine (who is LDS - hang tight, that little fact will matter in just a minute)asked me if our (hers and mine) desire to be so scheduled and so planned was a result of our being LDS. While I was thinking (I wish I could answer quicker sometimes), another very close friend (who isn't LDS), without a moment's hesitation answered: "YES!" I'm still trying to decide if I agree or not, but it made me laugh, nonetheless. I hope it made you giggle a little. After you quirked your eyebrow and went, "Huh?" and re-read it, because I probably didn't write it in a very readable way. and now I'm rambling. So you have to be laughing now. Right? Are ya? When can I call you, dang it all?

Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

We watched all 7 seasons of West Wing this summer. I saw several of the seasons when they were on the air originally, and it was fun to share them with Clint. I forgot how much I enjoy that show. I'm glad you're enjoying it, too, even with the "strange little funk" of a fall you've started.