Updating by degrees

on 21 July 2010

We're back.

We're in a packing frenzy.  But I sat down today determined to write out some of these blog posts and upload pictures.  Chris wants to post them to Facebook and I asked him to waaaaaiiiiit until I could post them here.  So there you go.  You, privileged reader are the first to view our adventures of the past 2 weeks! 

My goal is to get back to regular posting once we get moved and unpacked.  I have a project on my knitting needles that I'd like to show you and a book that has thoroughly entertained me...so really, that's my goal.  Posting all regular-like.

Wish me luck!

The Tales of the last two weeks will be staggered and scheduled to go up over the NEXT two weeks so check in and hopefully you will all find them as enjoyable as we did!

First up is the Boy's annual slide show.  I'm posting it for the 12th which was his birthday.  I like to celebrate by torturing myself with technology.  Also CAKE, in copious amounts.  Enjoy!


Sibley Saga .... said...

Am all excited to see pitures of the BOY and somehow cannot see them. Am I excessivley technologically impaired?

Sibley Saga .... said...

Oops. JUST figured out I was looking in the wrong place.

Told ya.