Goldilocks in Wonderland

on 18 July 2010


Have you missed me?

I've missed you. 

No, really, I have.  Well, I miss my laptop, Ruby.  We left her at home in GA while we ramble.  Chris brought his laptop instead.  His laptop that died and then was resuscitated and is now in the death-throes again.

So, here's the quickie overview and when I get back to Brunswick-town, I shall fill you in with greater detail.  I have many charming, funny and eccentric stories to tell you but being charming, funny and eccentric myself, how could it be otherwise?

We left town on the 3rd.  We headed north to Savannah for family pictures.  We paused to spend the 4th with my folks, then we headed over to spend a week in the mountains.  Oh glorious, glorious.  We spent a week hiking and camping and eating our weight in s'mores, and then came back to my parents.  The plan was to spend 5 days searching for a new place to live and then head back to Brunswick.  It took longer than 5 days, but I'm happy to announce that for all intents and purposes we have a place to live.  It is not a big place, nor a small place, nor a fancy place, nor a slummy place.  It is not way far out of town, nor is it smack-dab in the middle of everything.  It is, in fact, in the same complex and the same building we moved out of this time last year.  But not on the 3rd floor.

So we're heading out to church in our old ward which is now our NEW ward today and then we'll drive back to Brunswick tomorrow to begin the great Pack Up and Move expedition '10. 

And yes, I am excited to be moving back.  We both are.  We ALL are. 


Katrina said...

i have missed you! crazy that you are moving back. I must admit I'm a little jealous. :-)

Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

Yes, I've missed you. Glad to hear you found a place to live and that you had a great week in the mountains. :)