What's Been Going on...

on 29 March 2010

This is your Husband:

This is your Husband on an Administrative Residency in Coastal Georgia:

And on that front...we're job hunting like mad, but we've officially decided NOT to stay.  There are some fantastic people down here, friends that I will sorely miss, but it's not a good fit for our marriage or for our family.  So in the event that we don't have anything lined up by July, we'll still be moving.  We're hope hope hoping that we have something.  We've moved once with no job and no school and no real reason to be somewhere and it was haaaaaaard.  But it turned out really good, so for now we're having faith that we'll get something and as soon as we know.  You'll know.

And now you have been updated.  M, over and out.


Brett said...


Sarah said...

Oh dear. Sorry to be so late in commenting but you better be ready to be slammed. I'm sitting down and commenting on all of these lovely posts that I had to quickly read but not comment on as you wrote them. I know about bad fits. Not so much at Layne's work but, well, other places. I am excited for you guys and whatever the future brings. And, hey, if you want to come lounge around our place for a few weeks it's on! I need to see you and laugh with you and smooch on that boy of yours. If, of course, he'll let me. If not I'll read him a book and buy him some feta. That should make us friends for life, right? Okay, I promise all my comments won't be this long.

WV - alsort. As in, there be alsort a stuff I gotta tell you girl! Get on up here!