Breaking the Rainy Day

on 11 March 2010

I have to admit, spring has sprung 'round these parts.   We've had sunny days in the mid 60s all week, complete with a dusting of yellow pollen powder over everything.  The Boy and I have taken to spending most afternoons out behind our apartment.  We pull out his Tonka push toy and a chair and my crocheting and plop our lazy selves in the sun.  The cats have taught us well.

(Tangent the First:  It's highly amusing to watch the Boy plough that Tonka toy through the grass and watch the yellow pollen float up behind him like he was driving down a dirt road.  Of course, that's probably why I've spent so much time and tissues wiping his nose this week.)

Today dawned grey and wet wet wet.  Not the soft misty drizzle of my former Seattle days, this was a torrential SAVE YOURSELVES flooding down pour.  I know.  I had to run errands in it.  The poor Boy kept going to the back door and pulling on the knob.  I explained it was too wet to go play outside.  He was NOT happy.

It doesn't help that he's not quite back on his schedule yet.  (We had an impromtu visit to North Carolina last week and Grandma's House = NO Schedule whatsoever.)

Anyway, after battling him for naps all morning and wiping snot and drool all morning I thought  there had to be a solution for this.


We live just down the street from a Wendy's.  So into the car we went and down the street.  1 Frosty was acquired.  We came home, we put on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and shared the frosty. 

We then boogied  to JatATD.  It was super FUN.

(Tangent the Second:  I love's goofy and odd and immenently singable.  The Boy loves the colors and the music so we both get down in our goofiest, please-close-the-blinds way.  It was a perfect rainy day afternoon.)



~SH~ said...

I remember seeing that play while I was in high school. LOVED IT! Glad you and The Boy found a fantastic way to enjoy the rainy day. Miss you bunches!