The Spring Egg Hunt

on 31 March 2010

In a nauseating display of political correctness, the hospital hosted a Spring Egg Hunt for the children of employees.  

Chris, as the Administrative Resident, was designated the Easter Bunny (which, why is it a Spring Egg Hunt but we still have an EASTER bunny?  Makes no sense to me...), so naturally the Boy and I went to show our support in his hour of humiliation.  But it was all for the children, man, so he was a good sport.

After all, he got to ride in on a HARLEY!

(Samwise!  Check it out! Just like in Steel Magnolias!  Only, I'm not pregnant so I couldn't be in labor, but still!  Just like it!)

Chris was awesome, the kids loved him and mauled him just to prove it...

The Boy was the ONE child who had an absolute melt-down at the sight of him.  Of course, that could be my fault--1) I hate people dressed up in costumes like Chris could tell you--we went to Disney World and I made a WIDE path around any and all characters.  They give me the heebeejeebees. And maybe that's genetic...OR 2) I kept telling him that it was ok, it was his DADDY.  And he just couldn't wrap his darling little mind around that one.  Either way, he wouldn't get within 4 feet of him so there are no pictures. 

But I did get some pics of him at the egg hunt!  He was an awful hunter!  It was just perfect!  We got to stroll and look at the trees and the grass and the pineneedles and he could NOT have cared less about those tacky plastic eggs until I pointed one out and then he decided that they might just warrent further investigation.

Oh, and if you noticed the red on his fingers and worried that he was bleeding, he wasn't.  He just had to sneak off and STEAL the small pot of face paint from the woman painting faces.  Before I could nab him in the act he had stuck his fingers in it.  

All in all we had a smashing time.  The weather was charming, if a bit windy and it always amuses me to see the Boy interacting with other children.


Sibley Saga .... said...

I was TOTALLY thinking Steel Magnolias! What a good sport he is!

A) That was HILARIOUS!
B) It made me miss you and wish I could bring my kiddo along for such events.
C) I will be sorely tempted to slip into a Southern accent and quote Steel Magnolias ALL DAY LONG!!

Rae said...

I have this vision of his thought process: "My daddy is the bunny? WHAT HAPPENED?" I'd flip out, too!

Sarah said...

Spring Egg Hunt, huh? I thought you were in the Bible Belt. Poor Chris, when is he going to get a break for crying out loud?!?!? (FYI: I feel it coming.)

Also, I love the face paint theft. Today James stole a goldfish. Our goldfish. Out of his bowl. Seriously. Are they related somehow??? Surely they are.

WV: Marci. As in, what you hear when a redneck tries to say thanks in French.