Laying the Day of the Dead to Rest

on 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween, y'all.

Ok. I'm done. On to the next!

What? I'm not done? You want photographic evidence? Well, ok.

This isn't Halloween, I just thought it was cute. My little tough guy and his blanket. Ok, are Halloween pictures.

He was a skeleton. I thought it would be awesome with the big giant diaper bum, but alas, the belly proved my undoing. And what does bones good? Homemade wheat bread toast for breakfast.

Why, M! How is it that you can post all of these Halloween pictures on Halloween MORNING? Well, Internet, I'm glad you asked. All of our celebrations happened yesterday. We went to Chris' party at work and then we were supposed to go to Trunk or Treat at Church but alas, the Boy was FRIED so we opted for Thai food and decided that we are all Halloweened out.

As you can see, Chris was elected to dress up with a group of the ladies he works with. They were clowns. He was Not the Happy Clown. He was the I'm Annoyed that I have to do this Clown. Also, he was the I'm MAD at the Meeting I just Finished With Clown. I did his make up. And picked out the hat. And the nose. And well, all of those clothes. I'm a good wife. He was busy. Carving a pumpkin. For 3 HOURS. But just you wait...there's more.

Chris had told me that people go ALL OUT for Halloween at the hospital, but frankly, I had no idea. They really do! Look!

Whimsy! It's the CAT AND THE FIDDLE! And YES! I did sing her introduction for the Boy!

These nurses dressed up as pink piggies, they were the Swine Flu! They are also nurses in Pediatrics and they invited the non-scary costume-wearers to come to the Pediatric floor to visit the kids, but then they added, "YOU HAVE TO WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST!" I cracked up laughing. I love the invitation to cheer the sick and afflicted with an admonishment attatched!

The IS department (apparently they win EVERY year) they dressed up as children's nursery rhymes (hence the Cat and the Fiddle), and the second most awesome one was the 3 blind mice guy! He was so great! And funny!

So after all was said and done, there were 2 Thrillers, the nursery rhymes, H1N1, the clowns and some other people that must not have been very good because I can't remember them all now. The point being that when the votes were counted, the huge UPSET was that the IS department DID NOT WIN!!! But the Legal department (one of the Thrillers) DID! We were all floored, most especially because from an aesthetic point of view the IS department had the better costumes, but for FUN and Personality, the Legal department totally worked the crowd better--so it just goes to's not always Fancy that wins!

But speaking of FANCY! Guess who took home the blue ribbon for the pumpkin carving contest? Go on, GUESS!

The man spent 3 hours Thursday night and used his POWER TOOLS to carve a juggling clown into a ginormous pumpkin. I kept shaking my head saying that it's not the time distribution that I would choose, but then he and I are different people and at the end of the day I love him to bits. The pumpkin looks thoroughly cool! And I had no idea he could do that! Skillz, people, my man has some mad pumpkin carving skillz.

Look at the size of it!

Happy Halloween. Now, for people who ordinarily do approximately nothing for Halloween, we are understandably exhausted. Please excuse us while we go to bed early.


Katrina said...

asher has the same skeleton costume!