We Need a PLAN

on 21 September 2009

Well, I screwed up Fun Friday reeeeaaaal good.

And the lesson learned was: Fun Fridays NEED a PLAN. If you do not plan them, you will TANK them and your child will end up in a screaming fit that if it were put to words would simply repeat the words FAIL, Mama, FAAAAAIIIIIL!

So the week just sort of breezed me by, it waved hello on its way past, but it breezed me by nonetheless. I spent the majority of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday getting the apartment put back together, grocery shopping, cooking and getting the Boy back on his schedule. (The visit was totally worth it.) So that by the time that Friday got here, there was no plan. I had no ideas. It was Fun Friday and I had nothing.

But the day started off promising enough! We had scrambled eggs with salsa and cheese! And leftover cinnamon rolls from the freezer! It was lovely! We played and sang and danced and then the Boy went down for a morning nap and all went south. Further south than we currently are.

I got myself ready for the day whilst he slept and sent Chris a text message to see if there was anything he needed me to do because we had no PLAN. And he reminded me that I really needed to get the tag for Arabella (my lovely car) taken care of and we hadn't done that yet and we were OUT of TIME. So once the Boy woke up we popped over to the dealership to see what was going on with that.

The dealership had some paperwork for me to take down to the County Court Annex to acquire said tag. The woman gave me directions, they were not good directions, nor were they accurate directions, but they were directions and I followed them.

(It is important to note that we live on the north end of town and the County Court Annex is downtown and downtown is very much SOUTH of where we live.)

After driving around the block 5 times, I figured out which building it was (no sign, no labels, and teeny tiny building numbers), I parked, I unloaded the Boy and we schlepped inside to wait in a line.

Oh, the variety of the cast of characters at the County Court Annex! The old woman telling anyone and everyone who would listen about how she PAID her insurance, but they made a MISTAKE and CANCELED her insurance and revoked her vehicle licensing and HOW was she supposed to get her vehicle licensed when her INSURANCE screwed up! There was the decidedly overweight couple who were moving in October and wondering if they could change their address NOW. There was the grouchy old man in line behind me who, in spite of the Boy's charm, scowled at him the entire time.

We got up to the counter and I handed over the information given and they said, "$20." And I said, "Um....do you take plastic?" smiling hopefully. "No. Cash or local check ONLY." "Ok. I guess we'll be back."

There is no branch of our bank in this area. So, back in the car, back up the road, back to the north side of town and to TARGET. I figured, I needed to go to Target anyway, I was going to go LAST so that we would be closest to home and could then just breeze home and get the Boy down for a nap. But that was not to be.

I picked up the few items that I needed, checked out, got the $20 and got BACK in the car. And we headed BACK to the County Court Annex. 30 minutes later, the Boy is on the VERGE, and I am back at the counter. I deal with a very brusque man, I get our license plate, the tag, and grab the Boy and head back to the car. I load up the Boy and hurryhurryhurry back home. At this point I am praying that we have not missed the napping window.

We get home, I change Senor Fussy's diaper, I warm up a bottle for him, which he refuses. I put him down for a nap, he sleeps for...are you ready for it? 30 MINUTES. He wakes up SCREAMING, and THAT is the moment when I realized that while we have a license plate, I missed the napping window. After an hour of screaming, I also realized that I had TANKED Fun Friday.