Some things I never thought I would do...

on 23 October 2009

Stay in a swanky resort. (Chris was there for a hoity-toity conference for Georgia Healthcare professionals and he wanted me and the Boy to come along and it is entirely possible that it was the WORST idea he has EVER had.)

Order room service (TWICE!) in a swanky resort.

Send text messages to Whimsy from the bathroom of said swanky resort.

Consume the aforementioned room service in the dark because the Boy was not asleep and it was an HOUR past his bed time and eating in the bathroom just seems wrong, while texting in the bathroom is perfectly logical.

You know. I've heard that marriage is compromise, but I don't you think that might have been taking it a bit too far?


Whimsy said...

But the texting was SO entertaining! Totally worth it!