Falling off the Wagon

on 28 October 2009

I have fallen off the nutritional wagon.

Or so it would seem.

We were traveling, and therefore eating anything and everything we wanted, essentially. More refined stuff...sugar, carbohydrates, etc. Fewer fresh fruits and veg. More fat. More rich. More creamy. Less healthy.

And, then there was the road trip back from Callaway Gardens. The day I was exhausted and frustrated and annoyed and all I wanted in my whole life was a WAFFLE. And please please please can we stop at WAFFLE HOUSE?

Do you know how long it's been since I ate at a WAFFLE HOUSE? 5 years, people. 5 years.

So we stopped and I had a waffle. AND hashbrowns. And eggs for that matter. I was hungry.

Anyway, then we got home and we all got sick and it was all I could do to get 2 yogurts a day into my Boy (to help counter balance the affects of the antibiotics), so if all he wanted was string cheese and pretzels then I pretty much gave them to him. And if after my yogurts (to counter balance the affects of my own antibiotics) if all I wanted was a waffle...well, then, we're having WAFFLES.

So I find that there is a box of waffle mix (read: HYDROGENATED FATS) and a small bottle of artificial (read: HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP) maple syrup in my pantry and a HEARTY promise that once that mix is gone (read: EATEN IN WAFFLE FORM) then we're going back to eating WELL and HEALTHY.

(And I'm working on it, I am. I have the fridge stocked with fruit and veg, soy milk and organic yogurt. I've rid the house of Diet Coke (again, sigh) and candy. I'm TRYING. I am.)

mmmmm. Waffles.

What have you done lately that you feel bad about?


Whimsy said...

Dude. Get thee hence and make some homemade waffles. So easy. You can pick and choose your ingredients (including whole wheat flour, butter, etc.) - double the recipe and then FREEZE your results. You can have nearly-fresh waffles any time.

It's what's for breakfast, yo.

(Not saying that this will greatly reduce some of that fat consumption, with the butter, etc. BUT at least they will be made with ingredients you can pronounce.)

Rae said...

I feel rotten that I have let the level of cleanliness drop as the level of television watching goes up. Once I finish the halloween costumes, both will reverse. However, in any hopes of Stinky not trying his hand at my sewing machine, or having to go naked for halloween, there it is.

Bird said...

NOT POSTING. Also: eating candy corn by the handful. mmmmm.