Writing to keep from laughing

on 27 October 2009

The Boy is trying to run.

At least this is what I suspect. He's more than generally clumsy lately and watching him walk is cracking me up! I don't normally feel guilty for laughing at my child, but I suspect he's not being clumsy on purpose so I feel a bit bad.

Allow me to attempt to describe this to you...

He starts off at a walk but soon just the toes of his left foot are touching down as he attempts to trot, but his right leg can't quite keep up with his over-exuberant left leg and so he generally stumbles. Then, catching himself before he crashes down, he slows, walks, and then...gradually...like a goose getting ready for take-off, he speeds up again and soon we're back to just the toes of the left foot and THEN! CRASH!

Don't worry. He's ok. He's also taken to carrying his favorite blanket around with him everywhere he goes and he usually crashes down on top of the blanket which cushions his fall.

And in case you're at all concerned, he's much better. After two days on antibiotics he was back to his normal self and I was just coming down with his plague. Apparently, he got the better drugs because after a week on my antibiotics I am not measurably better...needless to say, he's running circles around me. Fortunately for me, he's not very coordinated.