A random and unconnected list of nonesense.

on 20 October 2009

Why is it that when your child is sick you seem to have these reservoirs of patience that you don't have access to when they're healthy? The Boy is SICK (all caps), he's got a sinus infection and his first ever ear infection and let me tell you--it sucks. He and his mucus went to the doctor today and even the doctor was impressed with the state of infection in my child's facial orifices. He dispatched a prescription to the pharmacy and we picked it up and began it posthaste. Here's hoping he actually sleeps tonight.


I am getting sicker. If someone could please explain how I am supposed to take care of the aforementioned non-sleeping child while I am sick and also not sleeping, I welcome the advice.


I had arranged to have the same friend come in to take care of the cats while we were in New York and then in Callaway Gardens, only I told her the wrong dates for Callaway Gardens because there is too much (TOO MUCH) in my brain right now. The cats are fine, they were hungry when we got back and Leike was a bit sulky, but fine. I, on the other hand, am still eaten up with guilt.


I have been amusing myslef with C Jane's archives and Little Dorritt alternately. They're both lovely in their own ways.


As the mother of a currently sick child I would like to confess that I suck. I let him eat junk food (all he ate yesterday was pumkin bread and milk), watch movies (Little Dorritt, anyone?) and cuddle me until we're both sweaty. I get nothing done, I do nothing to enrich his mind or his body which, when you think about the fact that he's sick, seems sort of counterintuitive.


And on that note, I am throwing in the towel. I have not done laundry (though the pile is now so high that when you add something to it, it rolls down to the floor), I have not cleaned the apartment, I have not exercised, I have not made bread, read a book or written to my grandmother. I have done nothing but keep my child alive and realtively calm for the past two days and so far there is no relief in sight.


I have one more post from New York (at least) and at least one from Callaway Gardens, but they require editing and I have neither the time, energy, not mental facilities for it just now...just know that they're coming and they're somewhat entertaining. I can't promise completely entertaining until we're all healthy. So, November, right?

Someone cheer me up, please. What are you (or your kids) going to be for Halloween? I bought the Boy a little skeleton costume because I think the sight of it on his fluffy cloth diaper bum will be HILARIOUS and I am all about my own amusement for nonsensical holidays such as this one. Tell me that we will all be healthy again soon. Tell me what you're reading right now or what I should be reading if I weren't the chaise lounge for a sick child.


SH said...

Katelyn is going to be Spider-Girl!! :) She has a strange fascination with Spiderman at the moment (we're guessing she picked it up from a little boy at daycare?) but alas, she loves him and will randomly say that we are going to see him. In her defense on that one though, we did tell her that we were going to see him, and did, when we went to the Winston-Salem Air Show (where she was deathly frightened upon the actual meeting but apparently still would like to see him - go figure). But yes, long story short, she will be Spider-Girl! She loves her costume so much that yesterday morning when she got up, she didn't give Justin a hi, hello, good morning, etc as she breezed past him out of her room and straight into ours where she somehow knew her costume was hanging- we had not shown her this info - and demanded that it be put on. She was also in said costume when I got home from work yesterday. I think we made a good choice!

Can't wait to see the Boy in his skeleton costume! Cuteness galore, I'm sure!!

Bird said...

I'm waiting for The Help to arrive at the library. I have no idea what its about but it has shown up on a few friends "just finished and loved" lists as well as the independent bookstore's reading list. I'll let you know what I think.

As far as nonsensical holidays, all the stores around here were advertising The Sweetest Day (which was this past Saturday)and various sundrys you could buy for it. I had never heard of it before and I'm pretty sure they just made it up this year. Rediculous.

Hang in there!

Katrina said...

Asher is gonna be a skeleton too! Too bad we can't get pictures of them together.

Don't feel bad about not doing anything else but take care of the boy. Thats all you need to be doing right now.

Get well soon!