The Deluge

on 17 October 2009

Hey, you know what's super AWESOME.

Coming home from 2 weeks of exhausting travel only to find that you are ALL sick! I LOVE that.

The Boy started coming down with it this morning, AKA our first morning back at home. Though it's entirely possible that 2 of his 3 hours of screaming in the car yesterday may have been due to the impending Sick.

I blame Chris.

Chris in turn blames New York, he came home from said metropolis a bit under the weather. It seems there is something in that vast ultra-urban setting that his body reads as FOREIGN! and DANGEROUS! And is attempting to expel with chest cracking coughs.

I am (so far) the least sick, whether it's because I am just barely starting with it, or because I have somehow won the Blessings from Heaven lottery, I know not. I have been elected to stay home with the Boy tomorrow as it is our ward's primary program and Chris is the one who has been to all the rehearsals. I'm sure he'll rock. He's got this amazing phlegmy voice right now...

And in spite of being sick, it's just so darn good to be home. We're having this freakish snap of Fall-ish weather (I didn't have to turn the air conditioning on ALL DAY), I chef-ed up 2 pots of soup (chicken noodle for the Sick Man, and minestrone for moi), pumpkin muffins and a loaf of pumpkin bread. I'm all tuckered out.

I have some posts from New York still to go up and a few observations from this past weekend so stay tuned.

I find that I've missed all of you, what are you up to lately?


SH said...

I miss your pumpkin muffins!! Oh so badly!

Sorry to hear you all are sick. :( Please get to feeling better soon!

Whimsy said...

It's so good to have you back. I'm sorry for The Sick.

As for what I'm up to? I'm trying my level best to just Get Through This Week. And next. To look forward to November and seeing my husband a bit more than the day and a half each week that we've been frequenting.