You'll Thank me Later: a List

on 24 August 2009

I've taken to compiling a list of things in my head, which the Boy protests right now, but I'm fairly certain he'll thank me for it later. And since I find it, by turns, comical and horrific, I thought "This is perfect blog fodder!" Plus, writing it down insures that the Boy will indeed read it and thank me later...

Dude, I know you're having a FIT now, but you THANK me later...

  • for not letting you put your head in the oven
  • for not letting you play with KNIVES
  • for wiping your bum and keeping it clean
  • for bleaching the bath toys that were in the tub when you pooped in the tub
  • for shutting you out of the bathroom when I have my period (no further details provided)
  • for fiber
  • for not letting you eat lotion
  • or chapstick
  • or the CATS
  • for brushing your teeth
Well, that was helpful! I think I'll keep adding to this one as I come across things that he protests at volume. Anyone have anything to add?


Katrina said...

For not letting Asher touch the waffle iron.

Whimsy said...

For not letting Alice drink the hand sanitizer.

Karen said...

For not letting Eli play in the toilet water...again!