The New Digs

on 17 July 2009

So a couple of you have asked for pictures of the new location of Burnstopia. Here you go.

Living room

Sunroom/officey area

From the office towards the kitchen/dining room

Book shelves.

Funny story about those bookshelves. Want to hear it? No? Too bad. It's my blog. So, I bought the two on the outside at Home Depot many years ago and we wanted to buy a third one just like them, but they don't make them anymore. Guess how many Home Depots we went to? A bunch, and then Lowes, and then Office Depot and Office Max and Target and WalMart and Costco and then we finally gave up and decided that driving down to Orlando to go to Ikea seemed like a REALLY good idea, so one day a couple of weeks ago we drove down. I didn't measure because I LOOKED at them ONLINE and they LOOKED exactly the same. So we went, we found, we purchased, we returned home. Chris had the joy of putting them together and when they were together and UP, behold! They are NOT the same. All I could say when Chris looked at me was, "What?! I LOOKED at them! They LOOKED the same." Note for the future. They are NOT the same.

Pile of pictures that I still have to hang up...
ignore the dusty frames, that's NC dust.

The Boy's room (otherwise known as the Tolkien Room)

I am such a dork.

I have let the Action Figures! out of the box. They're on the loose now.

(oh, how the mighty have fallen)

Fine. We'll resume the happy walking tour of Burnstopia, the Coastal Edition.

Bed Sweet Bed. Try to ignore the clothes pins holding up our curtains.
I can't bring myself to deal with the curtain rod issue.
I have the Tolkien room to play in.

Ok, I'm done now. The bathrooms are bathrooms, the swimming stuff is hanging up in the Boy's shower. The kitchen is a kitchen, the laundry room houses the washer and dryer and there's nothing interesting happening in there. Actually, this post is proof that there's nothing interesting happening in Burnstopia at the moment.


~SH~ said...

LOVE IT!!! :)

Whimsy said...

Love love LOVE! And look! You have the lamp up in The Boy's room!

Here's an oldie:

Jeff VanD. said...

Looks Roomy!!

And I like that the bookshelves are different sizes.. gives it variety. :)