That thing on the sidebar

on 18 May 2012

So this is for Brett.

And anyone else who's curious.

Nearly three years ago, while we were living in Georgia, I saw a call for essays on spirituality and birth.  In particular they were looking for stories from women who had had c-sections.  Chris was working, and the Boy was sleeping in his crib, so I sat down one night and thought about his birth and what he had taught me and I wrote an essay and sent it in.


Now it's been published in that book, the Gift of Giving Life.  It's compiled essays from Mormon mothers with various experiences of labor, delivery, and mothering.  It was out just in time for Mother's day, but I haven't picked up a copy yet.

So that's the deal with that thing on the sidebar.  M in Print.


Brett said...

Thanks! And YEAH!! Congrats, my friend. Although I would be surprised if you haven't been published before, talented writer that you are. I want to read your essay!

PS> It really took 3 years for it to be published?? Whoa.

Cel and JP said...

Very cool. I clicked on it and wondered. So thanks, Brett, for asking! I had fun reading through it a little. Let me know if you end up reading it.