Life in Numbers

on 09 May 2012

I keep walking past my laptop thinking, "I should really update the blog..."  And then I take a moment and look around and think, "ok...just let me do these few things."  And somehow I never get back here.  And while none of it sounds terribly impressive when I say it out loud, I thought y'all should at least know what's been going on around here...

In the past couple of weeks...

  • The Girl has decided that life is boring in one position, so she rolls and kicks and squirms herself all around whatever surface she's laying on.  It's FUNTASTIC!  I'm learning NOT to leave her on elevated surfaces.  
  • The Boy has taken to catching hold of the back of my shirt as I go about the business of the day and saying, "I've got you, Mama!  I CAUGHT YOU!"  It's hilarious.
  • Leike is fading.  It's not quite a death vigil, but she throws up (or tries to) at least once a day.  It's not pleasant.
  • I have, I am not kidding, FIVE projects on knitting needles.  That's the most I've ever had at one time.  I'm about to finish up one in the next couple of days and two of them are bigger (sweaters, a pullover for me and a cardigan for my girl) so they're on-going, but I need to buckle down on the socks and the afghan squares.
  • I cut all my hair off!  I was trying to grow it out, and while I was pregnant it was fine.  My hair gets enormous when I''m pregnant (I think because it just grows and grows and never falls out), but then when my body realizes it's NOT pregnant and I start shedding, oh gross.  It's awful.  So I bit the bullet and took myself to a salon downtown yesterday.  It was very cool.  I am pretty sure I am not cool enough to go in there, but in there I did go.  And the stylist did a bang up job.  I'll try to pin down Chris to document it.
  • We've finally moved the Girl into the cloth diapers 24/7.  We've been sort of easing her in for the past, well, couple of months.  (Chris was a pretty big chicken about it this time.)  But now she's in full time and I for one am happier.  I LOVE the wooly covers--they're adorable and they breathe beautifully.  And the bumgenius, are awesome as ever.
  • The Boy is taking swim lessons this summer.  And I am really excited.  I'm a bit nervous, I'm worried he's going to be a clingy chicken, but his cousin teaches swimming at a local pool, and since she's back from school for the summer, I thought we'd hire her to teach the Boy.   He says he's excited but I'm pretty sure it's because he has NO idea what swim lessons mean.  I'll be sure to take pictures and blog about that.  Hilarity is bound to ensue.
  • We have Hogan for two weeks at the end of this month and while I'm excited, I love that dog, I'm also a trifle nervous.  Chris is going down to the Beach House for Memorial Day weekend and I'll be all alone with 2 children, 2 cats--one of them elderly and infirm, and a dog.  A dog that is not my own, but which I am responsible for.  All I can say, is I might have to buy myself a treat with some of that money.
  • Which brings me to the next item.  We're getting a dog.

(crickets chirp)

I know.  And yes, before you ask, I'm pretty sure I've completely stepped away from my sanity.  But here's the thing.  The dog is FREE.  The dog is a Labradoodle, so it promises to be a clever dog.  And we've wanted one for a long time.  So my sweet sister-in-law picked her out for us, and took her home to stay at her house until Chris gets down there for Memorial Day weekend and then he'll bring her home.

And that's really it.  Like I said, it doesn't seem very impressive when you say it out loud, but I feel like a crazy person.  I really thought that my Outside Life, the stuff I do outside of my apartment, would settle down once the Girl got here, but it hasn't.   I still try to catch some sleep in the afternoons when the babies sleep, but alas, there's so much going on that I feel the pressure to get some of it done while the babies sleep.  Which means I've entered that lovely and charming State of Chronic Exhaustion.  It also means that I'm not reading anything stimulating, I'm reading to veg out.  And between the exhaustion and everything else, it leaves me feeling not terribly interesting right now, which is probably why I never make it back to the blog. 


Brett said...

M, I don't think you could be uninteresting if you TRIED. Seriously. Wish I could see pics of your hair cut. Looking forward to seeing pics of the boy during swim lessons. I'm glad you admitted that you're insane to take on a dog, because I would have accused you of it if you hadn't. And I'm sorry you're chronically exhausted. But you knew that was inevitable, right?

Also, what is that book on the sidebar?? Did I miss something??