Still an Amateur

on 03 May 2012

The Girl woke up this morning determined to remind me that I am still an amateur at this whole Child-Rearing Thing.

The specific lesson she chose to teach me was the exact different between "spit-up" and VOMIT.  It was super fun, as you may imagine, and I have learned my lesson well.

Try as I have to get a decent picture of her being all coy and charming and happy...this was the best I could do:

The Minister's Cat is a Serious Cat.  At least when the camera comes out.  She smiles and laughs and is absolutely hilarious, and as soon as I try to document it (and not just for the blog, but for ME), this is the face she pulls.  If not an abject scowl.  She's 4 months old today and I can already sense the resentment of my desire to show her off. 

Clearly, I'm still an amateur in many more ways than one.