on 09 April 2012


I spent about 40 minutes Easter morning trying to capture my precious children on the camera.  And this is what I got...

She was not best pleased with me.  As you can see, she's in a dress.  Also frilly socks, shoes and a darling matching sweater.  This, all on a girl who loves nothing better than being NAKED.  I guess I'm lucky I got a shot of her NOT fussing.

Aaaaaaaaand, asleep.  At least the Boy is smiling, right?  I did try for a non-fakey-fake smile, but when I requested a sincere smile he just pulled an even goofier face.  C'est la vie.


Brett said...

That smile looks sincere to me - like "my life is so awesome and I know it." He's such a cutie - and kudos on EJ!