The First Crush

on 04 May 2012

My Boy has been having a bit of a flirtation.  I should probably be dismayed that he's starting so early, but I've been enjoying it myself, and so have just allowed it to continue.

Who is he flirting with?  Infatuated by?  Enamored of? 

I'm glad you may have heard of her...

When he's not killing bad guys with his light saber or driving cars all over the book cases or having a party of animals in his bed, he's asking to sit on my lap and watch some Adele.

I may have to come down and end this little affair, he's starting "playing" Rolling in the Deep on his "drums" (aka a cardboard box with his light saber). 


Brett said...

That's way better than Jack's most recent obsession, which is the show "My Little Pony" on Netflix. Yep.

Cel and JP said...

ooh. he's got good taste :)