Call for Topics

on 23 May 2012

Trusty, Blog Friends...I need your help.

Or rather, my best friend Samwise needs your help.

Here's what you need to know:  Samwise is AWESOME.  There is a reason I call her Samwise, she is the real hero of my life, the one who isn't the least bit tempted by rings of power.  And she loves to grow stuff in the dirt.  Also, she's stuck with a funky does stuff she'd really rather it didin't and it won't do other stuff she wishes it would.  Right now, she's gestating her second and last baby (a boy!) and she already had some funky problems BEFORE being pregnant, well, you can imagine how her pregnant body is responding, thinking up new and creative ways to reek havoc with her life.

So she's a little bit stressed and in need of some distraction.  This is where WE come in.  See, Samwise lives 2000 miles away from me (or else I would just pop 'round to her house for a visit), so most of our catching up happens on email or via the blog.  She's on partial bed-rest now and I think she could use some fun distractions.

My problem is that I'm having a bit of writers block.  I'm tired and I think it shows in my inability to think of interesting things to say.  So I'm asking YOU to pitch in.  Please to leave a comment and ask a question or suggest a topic or story you would like me to write about on the dear ol' blog to cheer up my Friend.  We'll all ban together to cheer up the best Samwise a girl could ask for.


Mirish said...

Your funniest and most memorable memory of Samwise... Might be clichè but you might unearth some funny moments that get lost in the whole picture.

Brett said...

Oh, I know how much you love your Samwise. I'm sorry she's having a hard time. Good for you for finding a way to help from 2000 miles away. Here are a few ideas I have...

-I'd love your opinion on American authors. I know you have a soft spot in your heart for the Brits, but my book club is reading The Great Gatsby right now and I have to say I'm LOVING it (definitely much more than I did in high school). PS> When I started reading it the other night Jack saw the cover and asked me to read it as his bedtime story, so he fell asleep listening to F. Scott Fitzgerald. Made me think of you reading literature to your Boy.

-10 jobs Chris secretly wishes he had (nothing in the medical industry allowed)

-Reasons I should or should not spend close to $1000 (registration, air fare, lodging, food, etc.) to go to the JASNA conference in NYC (one of my favorite places on earth) in October

-How to be a better writer

-How to do all of the awesome things you do on a daily basis. I seriously am so in awe of you.

-Advice for getting through Les Mis (abridged, ENGLISH of course, I'm guessing you've read it in French...) 'cause that's what my book club is reading as our long summer book

-do you still want more? As you can tell, I have many things we need to talk about. I could go on. Perhaps we need to go ahead and schedule that phone call...

Mirish said...

Now Brett makes my request look sooooo...simple? Lol. So I will add one or two or several more. What's your one personal trait that you know about yourself that you think confuses or irritates your friends? Expound. What are some of the key things that you've learned in marriage that surprised you? If you were giving a pre marital advise class to newly weds or nearly weds, what are some of the things you'd say/teach? The biggest surprise about motherhood. Ok thanks :-)