Who needs toys when you have a kitchen?

on 07 March 2012

I was loitering about the other day.  Reluctant to go run the errands that needed to be run, and Chris was enabling me.  I guess I figured if I stalled long enough, maybe Chris would get up and run the errands for me.  Not so much.  He's a master at procrastinating, so all he really did was succeed in corrupting me into procrastinating them as well.

While I was stalling, the Boy declared himself hungry.  While we were discussing lunch options, the Boy took matters into his own hands.

He came back to the living room and informed us that he had gotten out some food for lunch and he was going to cook for us.

You should know that it was 2 cans of mushrooms, 1 can of olives and a can of green chiles.  I'm not sure what he was planning to cook up with that, but he was certain of what he was doing.

In the words of his father, let me just say, Man, I love this kid.  He's 9 kinds of AWESOME.


Cel and JP said...

oooh!! sounds like you were having mexican food for lunch! scrumptious! what a big boy. I know I have one about the same size, but seriously. How is he so big???