1 Month and Feeling Strong

on 03 February 2012

Guess who's a month old today?

And just for comparison, these were the same pants she wore home from the hospital, but back then they looked like this:

Please note how they do not touch her anywhere!  I'm quite proud of myself, and given that I've done precious little in the past month but feed her and the Boy and myself, I need to take a little pride in that.

She's so cute.  And she really is a sweet baby.  We're having a minor battle of wills in the evenings.  She wants to nap from 6-9pm and then stay awake into the wee hours, and I prefer her to stay awake until 9pm and then SLEEP in the wee hours.  There's quite a bit of howling in protest on her part and I calmly remind her that we all make sacrifices to be part of a family, and this is the sacrifice her father and I are asking her to make so that we can all get a little sleep at night.  (Thank you, Brett, for reminding me of that one!)  It's really just a couple of hours that we battle, since she gets a bath and unlimited nursing after 7pm.

The Boy still loves her and insists that she's HIS baby.  He doesn't want to hold her much, he claims she's too heavy for him, but he's quick to climb up to wherever we are so that he can cuddle and pet her.

All told, she fits in just great and I think we'll keep her on.


Cel and JP said...

one month!!! yay! and she's so beautiful. You're doing a fabulous job.

Brett said...

I love that she's filling those pants out now. How awesome are you?!?!

And good for you for teaching her early. It's a tough lesson to learn. Might as well start now!