Sing Praises to the End of February

on 05 March 2012

I hate February in these parts.

In previous years, I've just taken a blog hiatus so as not to drag everyone else down with my mid-Winter gloominess.  This year, well, the Girl is just so CUTE.  And my Boy was particularly hilarious.  I didn't feel it was fair to completely deprive you all of my two little Lights.

There's not much going on in these parts, I just popped in to say...


February is OVER.  

What's next?


RT and M said...

I am excited February is over too. It's been a month of sickness and busy-ness and not being able to keep up with everything. And thanks for sharing your sweet lights.

Cel and JP said...

Is February like the August of spring? even in a climate where we don't quite get a winter?