Let them eat Berries

on 28 February 2012

Chris is dangerous at Costco.  So much that there should be some sort of FBI posting somewhere with the words "notorious" and "can't stick to a LIST to save his life" on it.  But last week, I wasn't complaining at all when he brought home  a big box of fresh strawberries.

And neither was the Boy.

We were ostensibly "sharing" but by "sharing" he meant that I could have ONE and he would jealously guard all the rest for himself.

I was thinking of the end of Lord of the Rings, when they said that the summer after the "Scouring of the Shire" the strawberries and cream were so abundant that the children could have bathed in them.

If it weren't so sticky, I might have suggested that.

As for his hair...yeah, there's a story there.