Promised Smiles

on 09 March 2012


My girl has been smiling for a couple of weeks now, but what I've learned is that she's not a total HAM like her brother is.  She's a tough audience.  I can talk and sing and make faces and this is what I get:

Thoroughly unimpressed.

But I'm starting to learn her ways...after she wakes up in the morning, she's happiest, she likes to sit up high and look around, and if you're patient and treat her like normal but try to snap pictures at the same time, you'll get this:

For everyone who asks how we're doing, the answer is, we're really good.  Because 90% of the time, this is who we live with:

She's mellow and sweet, but I think she's an introvert like her Mama.  She's likes to stay home and have quiet.  When things get too rowdy, or when we're in the car out and about, she howls and howls.   But for all that, she's nothing short of Grand.


Cel and JP said...

she's happy cuz she loves her mommy. ;) cute cute kid. Cute cute outfit.

Rae said...

I love her face, especially in the last picture, where she looks like she's sharing a bit of juicy gossip. Or that she has something else juicy for you.

Brett said...

How funny that she doesn't ham it up when you cheese it up. I like her! :-)